As sad as it may seem, all good this must come to an end, and the Halfway House of Jack Happy is moving. (And chaaaaanginggg!)

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Tech I love – BE Broadband competition

[I’ve meant to write this piece for a while and it just so happens that BE broadband, my own personal provider are running a competition at the same time. Call it serendipity. Anyway.]

Let me tell you a story. It begins back in 1989 when I was four years old. A frosty Christmas morn, found me awakening to a large box under (really next to, it was that big) the tree. Inside was a Sega Master System. At the time, my tiny child-brain exploded. This was a whole new world of stories, entertainment and happiness. Little did I know it was just the beginning of my lifetime of tech.

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Skittering Critters – A Half Finished Words Poem

Slight re-post, dedicated to my missus, who likes insects not-so-much.

Slightly bigger than the insects I'm talking about

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Spoilt Goods -The Mass Effect Ending Debacle

NB.This post will containers no spoilers to story or endings of ME3

It was about 11.30 last night when I finally decided to put Mass Effect 3 in the tray and get started on saving the galaxy. As I reached the title menu and entered my online pass code, my finger paused over the single player campaign and quickly moved on to play multiplayer. I was concerned. I know the ending before I’ve even begun. The recent furore has engulfed the internet and spoilers were almost impossible to avoid. So what to do? Can a spoiler truly render a game unplayable?

Spoilers! Leg It!

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The Shelf of Unfinished Games – The List

[UPDATE: XBL tag in the comments section if anyone wants to help me do a few of these in co-op, Lost Planet 2, Borderlands etc!]

Whilst choosing what to play the other day, I came to a profound realisation. I have seven (!) unfinished games sitting on my shelf. Seven! Good games as well, none of this movie tie-in or accessory-lead music tripe. I refuse to believe I have left so many proud games behind! I really need to focus my chi and clear out the backlog if I’m honest.

Lets’ take a look at the candidates. (The pics will have links to the separate articles once they’re up!)

Hit the jump for the full list……

Not even alphabetised. Tsch.

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Nicki Bluhm and the Gramblers “I Can’t Go for That”. (In a car/ Actually a van!). Awesome.

Hall and Oates covered in a moving vehicle. That is all. Easy Listening Weekend BEGIN!!!!!

A Call Out For Guest Bloggers!

Hello fellow people of shared interest!

I’ve been running The HHofJH for a couple of years now, and I think it’s about about time I finally admitted I need help!

It is the first stage of recovery, no?

Actual guest passes may or may not be supplied. May Not.

I would love for some like minded people to share the love for games, films and the decidedly odd,  to  occasionally join me and join in with a post or two.

So this is a shout out for anyone who would like to guest blog, publicize something cool, or generally just like to get their work to a few more pairs of eyes!

E-mail me at halfwayhouseofjh@gmail.com, or just comment on this story, leave me some details obv,  and we can have a chat about what you want to do!

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